Thank you for expressing interest in our organization and most importantly our mission to help the Latino communities of Kansas City. We are thrilled that you would like to join us and grateful that you care about our community. The Guadalupe Centers is living proof that extraordinary things can happen when people come together. Your involvement is even more evidence that our community is strong. Here, you can be part of collective social justice and community empowerment.

Learn more about our services below.

Guadalupe Centers Schools

In 2005, the Guadalupe Centers created the Guadalupe Centers Educational System. The Guadalupe Centers Schools serves students Kindergarten through 12th grade. The mission of the Guadalupe Centers Schools is to provide a rigorous and enriching learning experience that develops highly educated, socially conscious, culturally competent, contributing members of the community.

Volunteering with our schools is a wonderful fit for those who are passionate about education and who enjoy spending time with children or young adults.

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Early Childhood Education Center

The Early Childhood Education Center is a year-round bilingual, bicultural early childhood education center that opened in 1985. It is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children and is a local participant in the National Head Start Program, serving qualified children aged 2-5. Currently, the Early Childhood Education Center operates at the Penn Valley Campus.

Volunteering with Early Childhood Education Center is a great fit for those who are high-energy, patient, passionate about education and who enjoy spending time with young children.

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Youth & Recreational Programs

The Guadalupe Centers Youth Recreational Program provides year-round activities for urban core youth, including basketball, baseball, soccer, and volleyball.  Participants are youth aged 4-18. The Youth Recreational Program is a great opportunity for our youth to form meaningful relationships while participating in positive athletic activities.

The program is a good fit for people with enjoy spending time with young people, being outdoors, current and former coaches, sports enthusiasts.

Club KC is a partnership with the Office of the Mayor and KCMO Parks & Recreation. As part of Club KC, GCI hosts weekly Friday youth clubs during the summer. Participants are offered a dance hall, open gym, hip-hop art sessions, 3×3 basketball tournaments, pool parties and open mic sessions.

Club KC is an exciting collaboration. Club KC hosts fun events that serve as crime prevention and creates a safe and fun place for young people. With Club KC, you can be part of keeping teens safe and healthy.

Club KC is a good fit for people who are evening people and who enjoy spending time with young people.

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Summer School

Summer School is the Guadalupe Centers summer enrichment program for local Latino youth in grades 1-8. It is an eight week full day academic and enrichment program in which students are instructed by certified teachers, using a thematic approach to learning, and Youth Workers, who are young people passionate about education and their community. Students also participate in recreational activities and weekly field trips. The program operates from both the elementary and middle school.

Summer School helps participants retain past school year progress. The program is also a model for effective community care and education. Many of the program’s Youth Workers were once program participants themselves, building a self-sustaining and impactful community education effort. Volunteering for Summer School is an exciting opportunity to be part of ending education inequity in the United States, helping many young people and being part of a large and effective grassroots education effort.

Summer School is a good fit for people who are passionate about education and who enjoy spending time with young people.

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Family Support

The Guadalupe Centers Family Support Center assists families and individuals through emergency assistance, advocacy, case management, commodities/food pantry, housing assistance, and medical and prescription assistance. The center also provides referrals when necessary.

The Family Support Center impacts many lives and helps remedy many concerns. As a result, with the Family Support Center you will have the opportunity to see the many situations and challenges that the center faces every day.

The Family Support Center is a good fit for people who have many interests related to social services.

Senior Services 

Senior Services serves adults age 60 and older and people with disabilities. The core services are designed to support an older person’s ability to live independently and to meet the evolving needs of a diverse again population through the provision of specific health, nutrition, education and social service activities. The program also delivers meals to homebound seniors.

Senior Services program is a successful and unique senior services program. The site is designated as a comprehensive senior center by the Mid America Regional Council. Additionally, it is the only fully bilingual senior congregate site in the Kansas City, MO area.

Senior Services is a good fit for people who enjoy spending time with the elderly.

Substance Use Program

The Guadalupe Centers Substance Use Program is a state certified substance use treatment program recognized by the Department of Mental Health Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse. The program seeks to educate the Latino community about substance abuse and provides supportive recovery services to people needing outpatient treatment. Participants receive drug/alcohol education, advocacy for treatment services, and prevention skills through the Parent Education Project.

This is a powerful treatment program that helps an underserved population. You can help make an important impact of someone’s life and be inspired by the strength of recovery.

The Substance Abuse Program is a good fit for people who are interested in mental health and who are passionate about public health.

Workforce Development

Workforce Development is a job placement program that assists individuals prepare for and find gainful or upgraded employment. This is accomplished through job readiness, search and placement services. Participants receive one on one employment opportunities, vocational training opportunities, soft skills training and supported assistance in applying for employment. The Guadalupe Centers collaborates with area employers who need job placement support.

This program connects people to jobs that can change their lives. Your work with can have large, positive impacts on someone’s life for a very long time.

Office Support

There are also opportunities for you to volunteer in the Guadalupe Centers main offices. The main campus is located at 1015 Avenida Cesar E. Chavez. The Villa Guadalupe Campus is located at Van Brunt and Truman Road.

Being in one of the centers offices is a great way to learn about the Guadalupe Centers many services. It is also a good opportunity to learn about nonprofits, community centers and gain experience in an office setting.

Volunteering in one of our offices is a good fit for anyone who enjoys being in an office and working with others, bilingual, and those who may have limited time to volunteer.

Volunteer opportunities in one of the Guadalupe Centers offices include activities such as:

  • Organizing office spaces
  • Answering calls and taking messages
  • Event Planning
  • Marketing projects
  • Space set up and cleaning