Outpatient Treatment Program

Guadalupe Centers Programs

The Guadalupe Center’s Treatment Program offers counseling and support for adults faced with substance use disorders. The program is certified by the Department of Mental Health, Division of Behavioral Health. Services are offered by Missouri State qualified counselors who are fluent in both Spanish and English. Counseling services are provided in an outpatient treatment setting and are available to both men and women. The program was designed to counsel and educate the community, in need, about the perils of substance use disorders by:

  • Assisting the individual in gaining awareness of the physical and social impact of substance use
  • Providing the tools necessary to cope with their own individual risk factors
  • Providing counseling services in the individual’s primary language and in a culturally sensitive environment that supports abstinence and promotes progress in other areas affected by their use
  • Providing other supportive services that will encourage abstinence and promote a healthier lifestyle

The Guadalupe Center’s Substance Use Treatment Program was the first fully bilingual program in the State of Missouri and has over 2 decades serving Kansas City’s Latino and non­Latino community alike. Services include:

► Alcohol/drug assessments
► Individual and Group Counseling and Client Education
► Drug analysis
► Case management and community support services
► Information and Referral
► Spanish language VIP (Victim Impact Panel) Sessions




1512 Van Brunt Blvd
Kansas City, MO 64127

T. 816-531-6911
F. 816-531-7025

Hours of Operation

8:30am – 5:00pm

Evenings & Weekends: May Vary