President/CEO of Guadalupe Centers

By. Gary Enrique Bradley-Lopez, Director of Communications & Outreach

As a westside kid, J. Beto Lopez connection to Guadalupe Centers was through the youth after-school and summer programs, keeping him safe and off the streets, now he is President and CEO of the very organization.

On Monday, November 1st, Beto officially became President/CEO of Guadalupe Centers stating “It is beyond an honor being associated with this agency in my current role.”

A former real estate broker, developer, and banker. Beto’s passion was also to give back to his community across the Kansas City metro. Serving on various boards and commissions, including as Mayor Pro-Tempore and City Council Member in the city of Lee’s Summit, Mo.

More importantly, he is a family man. A husband for the past 25 years to his wife Vanessa Maxwell-Lopez, a local practicing attorney. They met at a business meeting when Beto was looking for a Mexican airline to come to KCI and her law firm at the time did some immigration work, once they connected, it was history from there.

Beto acknowledged that trust, support, faith, family and a lot of hard work is what made and continues to make their marriage strong. 

As a family man, he couldn’t agree more with the term coined by Kobe Bryant by stating “I am definitely a girl dad.” Having raised three daughters with his wife, Michaela, Celena, and Sophie who are all currently attending college. 

Beto credits his parents and grandparents for their involvement in his life. Instilling core values of love, love for community, faith, integrity and a strong work ethic. 

Those values assisted him through adversity, whether he was attending the predominantly white St. Pius High School that he took an hour and a half long bus trip to, or experiencing a social economic culture shock between the Northland and the Westside, and working in careers where he was the one of few people of color.

He credits his achievements to the “perseveration to not settle for less and always work hard.” Beto said, “we are always capable.” 

Nancy Rivera, Executive Assistant to Beto who has been with Guadalupe Centers since February mentioned that Beto as a leader has displayed qualities of being a sweet guy, humble, and an ability to make people feel comfortable with his chill and calm demeanor.

“He has a vision for the organization,” Nancy said “and new initiatives, so it’s good to see his type of leadership.”

Beto was asked about the similarities of family man Beto and President/CEO Beto he included that transparency, fairness, honesty and an understanding that he wouldn’t ask anyone to do anything he wouldn’t do makes the case.

“The Legacy built here is already unmatched and I’m honored to be CEO/President in the next phase of the organization’s future.”