The 3rd quarter of a school year is a critical time for teaching and learning. We want to approach each day with instructional urgency….knowing that each minute is valuable. Great things are happening in our schools each and every day. Everything we do is aligned with our new strategic plan that was recently developed.

30 members of the GES staff received a $400.00 bonus check on January 02, 2019, during our first day back from winter break. These individuals had perfect attendance during the first semester of the 2018-19 school year. Staff earned a total of $12,000 in attendance awards.

Did you know that many of our GCHS students participate in the Early College Program at the Penn Valley Community College Campus? The ECP is a new partnership this year between Guadalupe Centers Schools and Metropolitan Community College-Penn Valley which gives highly motivated Guadalupe Centers High School students the opportunity to leave the high school environment and participate in the rigor of full-time college on campus.

During the month of February, over 900 students took 3,300 WIDA subtests to measure their growth in listening, speaking, reading and writing English. These language skills are important to develop, as they are closely linked to learning academic language across all content areas.

Thank you to our school community for their continued support of families, students and staff!

Joe Palmer