GCI Charter Schools Administrative Staff

MISSION: To create and empower our school community by providing rigorous and engaging academic and cultural experiences.

Dr. Jim Hammen
Superintendent of Schools


Ed Mendez
Assistant Superintendent


Dr. Alicia Miguel
Dir. of Student Services


Charlotte Hawkins
Dir. of Special Services


Daisy Myrick
Dir. of English Language Development


Jennifer Clay
Coordinator of Curriculum and Instruction


Sammi Novak
Dir. of Communications


Omar Fierros
Assistant Dir. of Human Resources


Patricia Hernandez
Administrative Assistant to the School Superintendent, Secretary of the Board


About Our Schools

Expanding on the success of its Alta Vista High School, Guadalupe Educational System added a middle school in 2010, and opened an elementary program in 2012. The still-developing elementary school is adding a new cohort of 80 kindergartners each year. The 2017-2018 represents a milestone, when GES will serve the full Pre-K grade range. Additionally, in the past year, Guadalupe Centers has undergone a branding initiative to consolidate its image, recasting the schools' names to Guadalupe Centers Preschool, Guadalupe Elementary School, Guadalupe Centers Middle School, and Guadalupe Centers High School.