Guadalupe Centers Adopts-A-Family continues to make a difference

Friday, December 17th, 2021

Filled with joy, Alex, a student at Guadalupe Centers Elementary School stands in front of the gifts he and his family received from the Guadalupe Centers (GCI) Adopt-A-Family program.

His household also includes his parents who are expecting a baby. With some of the hardships and challenges they have faced; they are appreciative of all the services they have received.

The Adopt-A-Family program has been around for years sharing the Christmas spirit by providing some of the most disadvantaged families with Christmas gifts. Gifts like toys, outfits, toiletries, and certificates for food.

Christina Jasso, Family Support Manager, who has been with GCI for over 20 years, mentioned the diverse challenges and situations of families that are helped through their programs like medical, emotional, and unexpected emergencies.

When asked what the Adopt-A-Family program means to everyone, Jasso responded, “It means everything to them, everything to us, but also the donor when they hear about the family hardships”

This year Jasso stated that GCI staff and Board Members stepped up to provide gifts for families more than other years, especially with the needed help.

Jeff Thorne, Controller for GCI and his wife Lori Golon-Thorne have always made it a tradition for their family to support another family in need during the holidays.

The family they received was a single mother of three. The Thornes gifted the family with outfits, toys, gift certificates to purchase food, and some of the wish list items from the family.

“It’s just another way to give back to the community” Jeff said, “now that I am part of the GCI community I wanted to give back to this particular community.”

Jasso mentioned that what keeps them going is knowing that they are making a difference because one never knows when anything tragic could happen to them, and if we are fortunate enough to help, it’s a blessing.

“It keeps you going knowing you are making a difference.” Jasso said.

While the Adopt-A-Family has ended for this season donations such as toiletries are accepted year-round. Call 816-561-6885 or email Christina Jasso at