About Guadalupe Centers Schools

Dr. Al Dimmitt


Dr. Kelly Crane
Assistant Superintendent


Shannon Spradling
Chief Financial Officer


Alfonso Zarate
Chief Operations Officer/HR


Izette Torres
Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent, Secretary of the Board


About Our Schools

Expanding on the success of its Alta Vista High School, Guadalupe Educational System added a middle school in 2010, and opened an elementary program in 2012. The still-developing elementary school is adding a new cohort of 80 kindergartners each year. The 2017-2018 represents a milestone, when GES will serve the full Pre-K grade range. Additionally, in the past year, Guadalupe Centers has undergone a branding initiative to consolidate its image, recasting the schools' names to Guadalupe Centers Preschool, Guadalupe Elementary School, Guadalupe Centers Middle School, and Guadalupe Centers High School.